Asbestos Testing & Inspection

Is your business safe from asbestos?

Exposure to airborne asbestos fibres can lead to a range of serious or life-threatening conditions, and it kills around 5,000 workers each and every year. By law, employers are responsible for controlling the risk of exposure to asbestos materials, and our Asbestos Surveys and testing provide a vital service to help you reduce your risk in your workplace.

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Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Testing

Reporting of Results

Quality Assurance

• Asbestos Management Surveys
• Re- Inspection Surveys
Identifying and assessing asbestos risk in the workplace
• Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys
Processes for managing asbestos materials. Action reporting and planning remedial work and demolition. Ensuring full compliance with Health & Safety regulations. All Technicians are trained to current standards.

  • Asbestos Materials Testing
  • Air Monitoring for Airborne Asbestos Fibres
  • Compliance sampling For RPE
  • Background sampling
  • Leak ( enclosure ) Sampling
  • Reassurance sampling
  • 4 – Stage Clearance
  • Asbestos in Soils Sampling 
  • Lead in material Sampling
  • Asbestos reporting is undertaken electronically
  • To enable a quick and comprehensive solution to our clients needs
  • Customer database
  • Manestream have a unique database system for large portfolio’s of properties which can be access via our Website MySQL Portal for ease of access for your staff and contractors. Its safe and accessible 24/7.

• Asbestos Surveys
Manestream is a Type C inspection body accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for ‘Surveying of Asbestos in premises’, Re-inspection of identified ACM’s and Priority Assessment.
• Asbestos Testing
Manestream are also a testing laboratory accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO 17025:2017 for the Sampling and analysis of asbestos in bulk materials and asbestos air testing including 4 Stage Clearance testing.